Ginger tea can relieve colds and sore throats

Ginger tea can relieve colds and sore throats

The weather is raining continuously, so I am worried about the rain. You should be careful as this weather is prone to colds and sore throats. In cold weather, it rains and gets a cold. Here is a great way to relieve a sore throat.


Gin is an essential ingredient in any home kitchen. Ginger contains many nutrients, including protein, essential oils, vitamin C, silicon, manganese, iron, and phosphorus, as well as antioxidants that are beneficial to the human body. Ginger tea relieves colds and sore throats and prevents them from getting sick easily.


The ingredients needed to make ginger tea include a little grated ginger, Cinnamon sticks A little chili; A pod of walnuts; Two cloves; နနွင်း၊ You need honey and lemon.

How to do it

One to two liters of water should be heated. In the beginning, add a little gin, but only a little flour. When done, place the resulting gin in a preheated kettle. Cinnamon sticks ဖ လာ၊ လေး ညှင်း၊ Add chilli and a little turmeric and bring to the boil. When it boils, cook for three minutes. Leave on for 4 minutes and then remove from the oven.

How to mix

When done, pour two tablespoons of honey into a glass. Squeeze a slice of lemon into two pieces, strain the ginger juice you got earlier and pour it on top. When done, stir with a spoon and drink. Ginger tea is a great remedy for colds and sore throats.

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