If you want to buy a computer, I want you to read this article

This is a letter to a friend who asked for it If you buy a computer, you can look at what you buy To get the knowledge for all the unknowns that are completely unknown.The basic thing is, after reading this, the first thing is:

1. What kind of computer would you buy for a Dell or Acer? Compaq, Sony,Toshiba, Lenovo has a lot going on, but the most common one is Acer.MSI isn’t bad either, but Dell is better off getting a good price tag
The first reason is that it depends on the prices Can be

(2) Another is the system you want Just copy and paste the computer very fast.If you want to open a file you want to open it immediately without loading.The speed of the computer slowing down depends on the system
Not only the maintenance, but also a good computer.Bohol is basically a lot of things to say.No matter what, let’s buy Windows 7 and XP now AMD, Intel, the current i3, i5, i7 are some of the best.RAM memory is important: Windows7 is a maximum of 2GB DDR2.You don’t have to get anything DDR3 because of 1GB RAMIf that doesn’t matter then the basic ones are good for XP Windows 7 lets you decorate your desktop for four hours.

There are advantages and disadvantages to you.Just 2GB at the moment, and that’s pretty much it
Basically enough, you’ll learn a lot.The price will be more than 150RM for 300 more.It is likely that the original album may have been damaged or damaged.If not, just get cheap and get the basics right.No Updat is not bad, it’s not bad either.After that, you will have to face the challenge of buying a ticket.RAM memory and hardisk memory are not recommended.HardiskMemory can now contain 160,320,500 more.

You can save anything you want.There is no problem when it comes, RAM is good.Basically, the RAM in the machine is different, so it’s different.You should also look at it all before buying a computer.RightClick My Computer on Desktop.The bottom right is to say the bottom right.Click Properties, and the Windows Ram and Processor are displayed

The software does not need to be any hotter, but it is on some desktops.If the computer is bad then it’s a good computer.I think it’s important not to use it later.You can add anything you want to, for example PhotoShop scripts
Type Miscrosoft and all the applications you have installed.It is not bad to buy it with zero knowledge
If you write a lot, just answer your friend’s answer

Another thing is, when you buy a computer, there is no Myanmar font.Yes, you can download it from any of my sites, and any site.We have to do it because there is no Burmese form yet.The typography is only seen in a few lines
I don’t have to keep it in my head for a while.I think it’s going to be pretty basic even if it’s not perfect.

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