Pyapon Fisheries Federation chairman said that fishermen are required to pay brokers in order to meet the demands of the fishery.

November 30, Ayeyarwady Region Pyapon Township He spoke to the media at a press conference at Aung Thu Thu’s hotel.

Pyapon District Fisheries Federation chairman U Thaung said: “The brokers are looking for suitable brokers. They have to pay for the road and they are forced to find a sea tiger. ”

The tiger fishermen say they need to come up with a suitable local labor law for the sea fisheries.

Shwe Nye Village tract administrator Shwe Po said: “There is a fight between the seafarers and there is crime. We need to verify the key department. It is also important to verify. In the sea, the piles were so abundant that skilled workers became scarce. “When skilled workers are scarce, workers from all over the country come to fight in the sea and there is a crime.”

Recently, a Dagon University student was trafficked and released in the sea tiger trade.

Pyapon Fisheries Federation officials spoke to the media while there were reports that there was a human trafficking and forced labor operation in Pyapon Township in Pyapon Township.

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