Is the QUALITY segmentation by country selling IPHONEs?

Hello everyone, where is Apple producing its iPhone today? Which companies provide the components of an iPhone? The iPhone 4S is designed for Apple iPhone users in California, California and Assembled in China.

As you all know, Apple is the most famous American technology company in the world, and its iPhone, iDevices are something everyone wants. So, Apple said, ‘Where, why? How’s’ made?

When we buy an iPhone, it has the caption “Designed by Apple in Califonia.” The iPhone was designed by Apple in California, USA. There is no manufacturing facility in the United States because of the high production costs in the United States. And Assembled in China says Apple designed an iPhone from California. And all the parts needed to get an iPhone were installed in two factories in Foxconn and Pegatron, China, which are cheap labor.

Foxconn and Apple are now installing some iPhones in India, which are three times cheaper than China. This is why some iPhone SEs and iPhone 6s are now being assembled in India. (Previously, every iPhone was installed in China.)

So does Apple own all the components of an iPhone? No, it was purchased from suppliers worldwide, and it was installed in China and India. The main suppliers are Japan, China, Germany, Switzerland and the US.

You can see a list of the countries that make up the rest of the components. The iPhone is designed by Apple in the US, and Assembled in China / India means that iPhones are installed in China / India.

Therefore, if the topic is reclassified, it is unlikely that the iPhone will be classified according to country of sale. It is only manufactured in China and India, with the same quality being sold worldwide. So there is no better quality to buy LL / A US.

Among Android brands, for example, Samsung’s flagship phones often use Snapdragon SOCs in the US, while Samsung’s own Exynos processors are used for other markets. But Apple’s iPhones will get the same quality in just about any country.

Thank you for reading this article to the end.

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