Due to the difficulties with my laptop computer, I had to use the original mousepad when I couldn’t use the external mouse. Last year I played a series of games day and night. War; Football With all the fonts you can play, the left mouse button on the left mouse button is left. While the left click is not a problem, the right-click menu key appears on the right-click menu.

It was a lot of trouble. Now, I would like to use the mouse buttons on the Windows laptops and use the mouse-based functions such as Left Click, Right Click, Scroll up or Down, to move. First we need a small Synaptic Touch pad driver. This will replace the mouse pad driver on our computer.

Download Driver Here Download Now click Windows + R, type Devmgmt.msc and hit Enter. Then select Device manager> Mic and other pointing devices and update the driver. Select my browser for driver and point to the location you downloaded. Once the driver is finished, go to the Control pannel. Find the Mouse Icon If the driver is updated, you will see a tab with the Synaptic logo. Click the Synaptic logo tab.

Go to Settings> Tapping. Once done, you can specify the action you want to follow by tapping the location and movement you want. After that, you can exit the control pannel and fully use the mouse functions as you would like.

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