One of small town in myanmar which was built by Jewsih people

Shan State during the previous several years ago, is located in Israel is a Jewish city. Jewish city from the top of a hill while focusing on the construction of Lake City was water supply systems and distribution of the Jewish intellectual abilities and awed. Jews still exist on the lake, Lake built under the old houses, The official residences should be seen today.

Alison rich area in the southern Shan State (Namsang) dentists. Nam San Shan If you want to do no wrong to Shan Shan state of the same name located in a lot of children to be respected.

■ location

If you go from the Shan State capital Taunggyi miles 73 miles and will take about 3 hours (180 minutes) can be high.

Mountain hotel from buckets, Mine coupon, Cross cities across the back three. Mine coupon,Nam overcome the piano now.Beautiful strategic hill to the other side of the phone if you see posts from mining duties On the other side of the hill to see the city . The third floor of the bay Ring of mines planted in Pompeii In the field, beauty view will be able to enjoy the view from the mountain. If the view from Mount Nam piano, you can enjoy a beautiful view.

English In 1890, when the country was occupied in English under the first refuge Emirates Charles Emirates. With the support of King Charles Emirates English Flag English flag A thick Emirates Queen Shan roads have been given a gift. English attack that lasted until the roads so far, more than 100 years ago, is still in use.

Besides English, the road was built without a bridge across the mountains through the already very good to imitate.

Mountain mine coupon, Nam San road between the main road south of the very dangerous. Valley cliff wall for protection from other traffic does not see a sudden step. The roads are still outside assaults. There are two worst. When Stacker San Cave is the Shwedagon Pagoda, I first see the narrow streets, Another mine coupon 0 in the second lane. Even a passing car has always location.

■ Jewish town

Nam San Jewish city was established, according to the history. Nam at the top of the piano, then located in Lake from the top of a hill to the city water supply is helping distribute. The four quarters are below the tongue small wooden house, there is a series of Jewish houses were built. Officer barracks employee housing to exist until now.

In addition, around the Nam San Panglong living in the area known as the black race in the history of ethnic groups, Literature and Language Department of the University of the need to keep records research Taunggyi Myanmar care about black people, a teacher said. The rich ethnic black piano is the one place left.

■ Current Status

The city is located in the narrow line. Located in more than 100 villages in Nam San township, most villages in the district. The warm dry milk and Yahoo previously had the name. Pineapple plantation, now Famous fried mushroom production and agricultural products. Mountain creek which runs through the heart of the city, while the summer, sometimes arid and semi. The roof and pigeons Salem’s breaking up of the ethnic population. 14 miles southwest of the collective to see Palaung village. Pineapple and corn, tur Rice, Sunflower, sesame, Oilseed variety. Br and shifting work to races.

Innovative entrepreneurs raising small livestock farmers that Turkey found either. Nam three plush headquarters of most of the city armed with a team of five groups walk around and move auspicious ground reside. Mineral mining coal mining in the past five years, as they can be released, and other metal products.

Drugs, WY (a) the risk is spread among young people everywhere ecstasy remains behind can be difficult to control the associated economic and residents said. The businessmen said that about six in 10 this drug without the financial and business says.

The central feature is that the SSA, they assume a fee.

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