oday’s citrus, which protects against toothpaste!

Olive trees were originally called counter-fruits, because when the maggots attacked under the canopy, they would be able to counterbalance the fruit under the pillow, which is powerful.

It also has the power to make you sleepy and unable to take things. In one case, the friend who borrowed the money was counting down the payments that evening. The thief saw it.

By the end of the night, he had slept the whole house, and luckily the friend was still in bed, and the small, sliced ​​olives were in his bed, and the fruit was pale and dewy, but potent.

Unable to sleep, he turned the phone on and turned on the light. The thief slammed the door and fled. The whole house was ringing. The person who falls asleep gets a drop of feces and goes back on his own dung.

If the program was unsuccessful, it was heard that he did this, and if the thief fell asleep and stole the property, the house was lined with feces. Why not!

Nowadays, it is famous for injecting it into the skin of a toothpick and injecting it into the skin. It is amazing to see what happens when children are gone, young people are missing, and things are taken away from adults.

This can protect a person from the debilitating pain of an aphrodisiac. Before leaving the house, always carry the pear in the purse.

No more no prescription medicines, no harm, and you will find people in your vicinity waving peaches in their hands.

You can be free from danger by defending yourself. ”And there are a number of dudes who are deliberately chasing after fists.

Keep up the good work! Finally, people who have high blood pressure can develop heart disease at any time, and if you suddenly have a blood pressure increase in your chest and suddenly lose your chestnut, focus on the pear.

If you are on the road, eat the same thing and immediately disappear. (Practical) This is a peach that is full of magical powers … We urge you to bring the fruit of the citrus outdoors.

Let me tell you one more thing: Almost every newborn baby gets a measles and is hospitalized. Yes! Put 4 small green papaya pieces under the crib. Don’t add yellow stripes …

You will have a healthy baby without having to go to the bathroom and have the ability to practice healthy peaches.

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