Reasons Why Most People Don’t Show Their Dark Side

Reasons Why Most People Don’t Show Their Dark Side

Everyone has a dark side that they do not want to show. There are those who show the dark side, but most do not. For some reason, they did not even disclose the fact that they had such a dark side.

(1) It will not be understood

The dark side of most people tends to stand out from the crowd. For example, when you are calm but angry, you can not even control it. Because they know what kind of person they are, they tend to hide the dark side from view that people will not understand if they see something different from what they know.

(2) I can not accept my own existence

The human mind is very strange. There are times when a person who thinks he is very good likes to do something that is not acceptable to social norms. People with a dark side who don’t even like themselves will never tell others.

(3) You will see me differently

For some, the dark side is not so strange. However, in their minds, they hide their dark side, thinking that if they see this, it will be different. They do not do so out of a desire to put others first.

(4) It is hidden by reason

Reason is also one of the reasons for not showing the dark side. Your dark side is very rough. Some people hide their disrespect for their parents. The fact that you do not reveal what you are thinking in this way means that you do not know how to say it out of ignorance.

(5) It is useless

Some people think that the dark side does not need to be exposed. Your dark side is yours and you keep it a secret that nothing more profitable.

Are you hiding the dark side? Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys …..

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