What happens if the phone is not in flight mode during the flight?

One of the important things to do when you are flying is to put your phone in flight mode.If not, what will happen? Now I’ll tell you what’s going on and not.

The flight mode was not set, so the plane would not crash.However, telephone interruptions in the cockpit have hampered communication and ground communication.

In the event of a communication failure on the ground, there can be a great deal of failure when reports are not received in a timely manner.Plus, phone sounds are a very frustrating part of blogging.

No matter how good the sound is when you get on the plane, In the earpiece, you can hear a loud phone ringing in the ears. If the pieces get messy, it won’t be a fun trip.

So when you fly, you need to put your phone in flight mode and follow the rules.

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