What is Perfect Money / PM and how to use it ?

Perfect Money is one of the online payment systems. PM is not an internationally recognized system, but it is still used by many smaller countries like Myanmar. PM is rarely used in E-Commerce, and is used as a payment method on some Forex trading, gambling, web hosting & online services, and some online money-making platforms. In Myanmar, many PM online users are using PM for trading and gambling.



As mentioned above, the PM is not an internationally recognized service and cannot be linked to Visa & Mastercard, but it can be traded through the Bank transfer, internal transfer and Exchanger.

Deposit & Withdrawal
BTC The PM supports four currencies: USD, EURO, GOLD, BITCOIN, so it is easy to make a deposit with Bitcoin to deposit your B account (BTC account).
Bank Wire If you want to deposit funds for other currencies of your PM account, you can make a deposit using Bank Wire and start at least 300USD. To deposit and withdraw with Bank Wire, your account needs to be verified.
Certified Exchanger, The PM also allows deposits and withdrawals through their authorized changers.


Local Exchanger, In Myanmar, there are a number of exchangers who run their own exchanges on social platforms such as Facebook, looking for trusted exchangers and top-up on their PM account. You can make withdrawals from your account.
Other Activities
E-Voucher, This is a remittance method created by the PM that allows you to convert some of your Balance Balance into two PIN codes and redirect to the recipient’s account.

Credit Exchange What is a lending community? You can also make loans.

Annual interest is paid at a maximum of 500USD per month at a rate of 4%.



Verification and Fee
PerfectMoney’s transfer fee does not limit the amount of money it can spend, depending on whether or not the account is verified.
The fee is 1.99% when transferring with an Unverified Account
The fee will be 0.5% if you transfer money with a Verified account.

The Verification process is a three-step process, and Step 1 requires verification of your ID. Document only accepts passport and driver license.
At Step 2, you will need to verify your address and need your Utility bill (English, meter, meter).
In step 3 you will need to verify your phone number and after 3 steps your account is verified.

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