Why You Should Grow leafy greens At Home

Why You Should Grow leafy greens At Home

1. Eating raw leafy greens daily improves bowel and mouth infections and improves digestion.

2. Green leaf tea is soaked in water and drink every day to prevent diabetes.

3. Soak the green leaves soaked in water for the first day of bath and the next day to prevent sweating.

4. If the leaves are mixed with lemon juice and applied on the skin, the skin diseases, such as scabies and whooping cough, are gone.

5. If the seeds are properly boiled and eaten, the disease of the urine is cured.

6. Wash the green tea leaves with lime juice once a week, and remove the clots.

7. Put the green leaf in a clean pot and free from disease if taken daily.

8. Even the green leaves are quickly removed when they are added to the leaves.

9. Put green leaf in the house or keep it around mosquitoes, mosquitoes, insects They were asked to grow green plants at home so they would be free of snakes.

10. 20 Oxygen a day is released as one of the best plants to grow at home.

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