You should know these facts to avoid stroke in your life

Once a stroke in the right half, Nathan, Bake baking the bottom of a cane, in addition to control and will hold a bundle beside assistant along with a guru.

That was a one time over the past two decades to bring this school’s brilliant reputation and to be the best school in the entire one that has served outstanding teachers.

Big ten decade rule. Steered. Once, once a high school teaching Once as teachers and principal, Twice in this school has been served was a very smart, active, active teachers.

The disciples, who paid homage folded today with the former partner, Former colleagues cheeks onto the previous old life tears came to remember the immensity Witnesses bells ringing.

Discipline throughout the life of a person, In accordance with the ideal person for the day, smoking, pleasure Without drinking. Why did stroke suffered by a former disciple think inconsolably.

Stroke, The brain blood vessels, Blood clot behind closed their main course (usually) hypertension. Sometimes overlooked mother weapons attack, hypertension stroke suddenly fell to the witness, If not disabled to enter life.

The great teacher Ayeyarwady paste I like salt. The date of the boiled leaves and after about two hours after the paste liquid Dizzy temporarily down. The bed to wake back up when they have no knowledge. About an hour later, they call the nearest doctor. Blood pressure is up to the doctor’s instructions were hospitalized.

Hospital head x-ray check found that a big jolt blood on the left side of the brain affected by vascular models. The head of emergency surgery in children with the need to consult the surgeon to come back to life. However, the right half of Para. Tongue in half a Chavez. If words can not say. Slide the tongue side with the traditional bamboo Anointing takes about a year to sell drugs can not speak to Peter. And tell me what you want.

Self-health, The food was good sleeping dock arbitrary eating and drinking, Do not catch a cold on your feet. Vascular age when fresh blood jolt resistant as the old pipe should recognize that they can grow without.

Chemical Canada, Data explanation,Divide the number of diseases.
The disease, the body text of bile, Three sputum of anger, and seven healthy 12 months and swelling as well as Ken, infidelity , seasons, Nutrition is possible that because of the four. Teaching at the Faculty of Medicine, based on medical Kan Kan (past or current) life sudden stroke.

Unite the climate temperate, Many injustices stroke. Some of stroke in heart high blood pressure, Because of having the disease, stroke, diabetes, some people who are the cause of any disease, there are many who go through them without any sudden. Not only the beautiful people, The monks were also paralyzed.

Another writer, a woman friend in the last days, Pyin Oo Lwin The camp near the monastery, whose abbot and phone during meals. Only about charities and apply it said. In about two hours the same day afternoon, I dropped phone surprised frightened. The afternoon was still talking on the phone with his disciples. . . Blessing. . . . . Ask the contact.When applying,Shortly after the phone. Phone Mandalay fallen dumb mouth escaped the microphone and speaking without Chavez, Dessert Can not take one hour if the outside was being met to learn.

I calling, A donor is called Mandalay Hospital theaters and treated by specialists. CT Head when x-rayed the brain called the left side of the brain by a blood clot blocking the opposite side with the stroke tongue Chavez dumb to pass in the near future. He suffered a stroke in the left side and the right side is stronger if the right (starboard) side stroke worse. In conversation Tuesday (tongue) Chavez dumb probably.

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