Your Phone battery should use with these tricks for longer use

Your Phone battery should use with these tricks for longer use

If a cell phone without the person’s age, life without thinking. It’s News work, book, song, the film, game, Connected to Internet, etc. in one place is a given material. Sometimes the end of the battery at GM is not even enough to use throughout the day are. And so I have displayed such.

1. Most batteries do not do a clean hole.

Always remember to clean your mobile phone. Cleaning the screen. Charging a hole must be clean. The sharp top with a headphone pin or toothpick should be clean.

2. bright Wallpaper

time, Messages Missed calls to your phone, you always look like now. Your phone’s main screen is very bright if Wallpapers too will have more power your phone. So much better idea of ​​black-and-white wallpaper. If you’d let your battery lasts.

3. Permanent Holding the phone

The hot weather when your phone does not always holding hands. High temperature, so the phone will be hot. That, as well as because of the heat of your hand phone battery overheating can become sort of what will go quickly.

Open 4.Auto-Rotate

If you require any recommended that you disable Auto-Rotate. He was given a special sensor, an accelerometer battery very well.

5. Behind the already run App

When using the number of people App future. It is still behind when applications are run and, as such, will became consume additional battery. Especially careful to close all Windows.

6. The screen is bright light

Building single screen should be about 30-40% of the light. So it is enough to see everything that your phone. So this will refresh your phone battery. Outside where you can not the light shine on the screen to turn on Auto-Brightness.

7. Vibrate sound

Battery Vibrate ‘ve done very well. Use the need. In other cases, please use sound mode or silent mode.

8. The screen will be turned off and the time is not set

The screen will be turned off if the shortest possible time and at the comfort of your phone battery.

9.GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled

Do open your phone’s battery will quickly. If you do not require the use of best disabled.

10. Turn off the phone

Turn off your phone all night. But if a cold battery will open battery durability.

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